Benefits of Treatment


Even modest weight changes can have many real and positive health effects. Just 2.2 pounds can reduce your blood pressure and losing 10 pounds can take up to 50 pounds of stress off your knees. Let us diagnose your condition and get you on the right track to recovery.

Sleep apnea

Some studies suggest weight loss can help sleep obstructive sleep apnea patients feel better and report improved objective measures such as fewer apneic episodes. The patients also get the other health benefits of weight loss.

Lack of energy

Weight-related physical changes, poor blood sugar control, sleep apnea, thyroid dysfunction, medications and other issues can contribute to a lack of physical energy. Our medical weight loss programs increase your energy level and make you feel better.

Knee and back pain

Two pounds of weight gain can result in 9-13 percent increased risk of osteoarthritis. Losing 10 pounds of weight can reduce the stress on your knees by 30-50 pounds; losing 20 pounds can reduce knee stress by 60-100 pounds. Similarly, the strain on the spine and back decreases with weight loss.

Type 2 diabetes

A study with more than 1,000 patients showed just 2.2 pounds of weight loss reduced diabetes risk by 16%. You can lose 2.2 pounds easily. When diabetics lose weight, most have improved blood sugar control and reduced insulin requirements.

High blood pressure

Clinical studies indicate that weight loss may reduce or eliminate the need for antihypertensive medications. Our experience shows 5-10 lbs of weight loss corresponds to a drop of about 2-3 mm Hg. Some patients decrease their systolic pressure by as much as 30 mm Hg and get back into the normal range.

Good Reasons to Lose Weight

Losing weight often leads to the near immediate benefits of reduced high blood pressure, reduced blood sugars, improved cholesterol levels, reduced medication needs, improved self-esteem and an overall better mood.

Long term benefits of losing weight may include a reduced risk of cancer, atherosclerosis and heart problems, back problems, and osteoarthritis.

These benefits can result in a longer, and healthier lifespan.

Issues our clients may have:

  • Overweight, obese for any reason
  • Severe obesity (e.g. ~300+ lbs with high body mass index)
  • Overweight with sleep apnea or snoring
  • Overweight with back or knee pain
  • High blood sugar, cholesterol or blood pressure
  • Pre- and post-gastric bypass or lapband procedures
  • Post-injury weight gain (e.g.: firefighters and police officers)
  • Post-pregnancy weight gain
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