Medical Weight Loss

You've tried all the diet programs. You've lost weight, you've gained weight. You've lost it again ... and gained it again. You've felt the rush of success, and the despair of failure. You may even have resigned yourself to a life of obesity and poor health. You are not alone. Your problem is universal.

There are nearly 130 million overweight people in this country alone and if you are one of them you are putting your life at risk. Obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death (after smoking) in the United States and can raise your risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, gout, asthma, and even gum disease.

While there is no quick fix or magical solution, there is a healthy medical weight loss solution at Modern Medical & Wellness.

First you must accept your obesity as a very real, even dangerous, medical condition. It is truly a life-threatening disease. Then, you must understand that to treat this disease properly and effectively you need the help of a medical weight loss professional.

Dr. Darby Clayson and Angie Lorenzo, PA-C are Specialists in Bariatric Medicine, have studied the medical origins of obesity for many years and are deeply concerned about its impact on the quality of life of their patients.

With the establishment of  Modern Medical & Wellness, they have made a commitment to work personally with men and women suffering from obesity - and its unhealthy consequences. More than that, they have made a commitment to work with every patient personally, providing them a diet program unique to their personal needs - both physical and emotional.

Your Modern Medical program may include: meal replacement products, appetite suppressant medications,  metabolic injections, or a combination of these solutions. It will also include easy-to-understand information about the food you eat and guidelines for physical exercise to help you achieve your goal in a safe and timely manner. And Dr. Clayson and Angie Lorenzo, PA-C will be there every step of the way to advise you, assist you and encourage you.

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