TAN-Rx is a subcutaneous injection used to stimulate the production and release of melanin. This will increase the darkening of the pigmentation of your skin. Tan-Rx is also a known legal injection that is compounded by a licensed pharmacy. Using TAN-Rx is safer than sun tanning as it prevents the need to over expose the skin to UV rays. This is because UV greatly increases chances of milgnant melanoma and non-melanoma related cancers and has also been shown to increase the skins aging process. The need for a change is clear, which is why there has been a lot of focus on TAN-Rx as it has been shown in many studies to induce skin tanning by stimulating melanocytes designed to produce melanin without the need for excessive UV exposure, giving the appearance of a natural tan. Melanin is our body's natural protection from harmful UV radiation; it absorbs the UV before it can damage vital cells and DNA. TAN-Rx is proven to last 3x longer than the average tan. It is perfectly safe and has been used in Europe for years. The side effects for TAN-Rx include up to 50% decrease in the sun burning of skin, Increased libido/sex drive, increased erections, decreased appetite, and or mild/ nausea. Benefits of Tan-Rx: Finally there is a way for everyone to have tan skin! Benefits: Tan Skin, 50% decrease in Sun Burns and thus preventing Sun Damage leading to skin cancer. It augments your ability to get your natural vitamin D from the sun without burning. Tan-Rx is a medically approved, safely way to achieve a desired tan without the harmful excessive, over exposure to UV light. To achieve results from Tan-Rx, UV light is required but in minimal proportions compared to someone not using the product at all. Using Tan-Rx will accelerate tanning, increase libido and suppress the appetite. tan-Rx works by stimulating the production and release of melanin in the skin through a subcutaneous injection, allowing for less UV exposure. Medical studies show there was a up to 47% decrease in sun burning with individuals that used Tan-Rx which would significantly decrease an individual's chances of developing skin cancer.



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